Mittwoch, 11. Mai 2011

Karlmarx - Futuro. Schickes Video & Gratistune. Feines Paket.

Taken from the forthcoming full length debut album "The Karlmarx Project" (June 3).

Camera: Typoclique
Editing: Ben Westermann

Download the tune on XLR8R:​mp3/​2011/​04/​futuro

Karlmarx are brothers Isaac Aesili (Opensouls, Recloose Live Band, Eru Dangerspiel) and Mark McNeill from New Zealand. Karlmarx make music from the dark side of the moon, fusing electronica, techno, synthpop, industrial, future soul and instrumental hip hop into something new and exciting - fein wenn man einen Waschzettel mal nichts hinzufügen muss.

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