Dienstag, 13. Oktober 2009

Sole and the Skyrider Band - Battlefields

Hier kommt eine neue Perle aus dem Anticonuniversum, Sole & the Skyrider Band legen heute (zumindest in der USA) ein neues Album vor und der folgende Song ist die erste Singleauskopplung des Albums, welches mit einem Feature von Notwist-Sänger Markus Acher aufwarten kann.

Die Vorab-EP zum Album kann übrigens für lau heruntergeladen werden, man muss bloss ne Email angeben. Guter Tausch würde ich mal sagen.

Zum Song kann ich nur ein weiteres Mal sagen, dass sich die lyrische Qualität von Sole langsam ins Masslose steigert, wann will dieser Mensch aufhören aufzublühen?

Dieser MC ist nachdenklich, feinfühlig, ja man kann sogar sagen - getrieben, hier werden zahlreiche Gedanken angestossen, bittere & dennoch ironisch aufgebrochene Bilder aufgerufen & keine noch so miese Wahrheit ausgespart, zusammen mit dem brüchig-schönen Chorus von Archer kann man nur sagen - Tip!

Aber schaut doch einfach selbst.

Sole - Battlefields

welcome to my battlefield
poison ivory sprung
im worth my weight in water the southwest in a drought
if i could make it rain a year straight flush all all the people out
make em move north where the soil is dark
away from where the day is long and the nights are short
some people die for sport some people die for god
some people stay in my heart some people i already forgot
some people get it handed to em on a platinum plate
and i cant understand it to em
but they gonna understand when the card is handed it to em
whats it gonna be like when the planet roll into a deep sleep
where electric sheep dont dare to dream
between the hipster bars, and the vegan shops, and the concrete streets
aint safe

we got broken strings sore spines stolen dr sample high gas no breaks
no rolling through your town on a tank no candy bars passed out no credit
or federali's to the back so we cant roll down our windows
this is for my campesinos , my navajos holding down casinos
peace to montana the state whattup to the last buffalos
we gotta hold it down cuz if everybody stuck out their necks
there'd be a lot of blood on the street
people always said i was too smart for my own good and i see that now
they say you reap what you sew, i see that plow
beat a song out of metal, but you cant stab yourself to death with it
dont cry little devil, but be ready to fall through the floor when they pull that lever
maybe they throw you a line, seems like they threw you away
to those who own the world, keep on selling them dreams
and in my older years i became an adult poverty stricken it seemed
cuz my fame was occult

i watered them plants every day, poison ivory sprung
i brushed my shoulders off, all that was left was bones
now the world cant tell me nothing only piss me off
the soundman got beef great satan's on my mind
you know its hard to dance with your foot so far up the empire's ass
still find a way to scream with its boot on my neck
but technology move faster than rap so i roll with it like my train was bound for auschwitz
bound for glory, haha, bound to old glory like a slave ship and we keep it poppin
we love the music like moths to a flame to a burning home and since the world aint stopping
fools should learn these poems
these words are weapons and they got hydrogen bombs
the venue's a skirmish....welcome to my battlefield
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