Donnerstag, 17. September 2009

Coldcut - Timber

Wer hat eigentlich gesagt, dass sich elektronische Musik erst seit kurzem politisiert? Coldcut's immer noch verdammt moody Nummer von 2000 zeigt doch das absolute Gegenteil ... ökologische Kritik & Beats, geht doch!

Und ihre gemeinsame Nummer mit Jello Biafra war auch übereigenständig & ihrer Zeit weit voraus!

Coldcut feat. Jello Biafra - Every Home A Prison

Rejoice friends!

Big government is over.
From now on, instead of
you will be left
in the Market place
to fend for yourselves
claw for yourselves
stab for yourselves
guard for yourselves
what little money, savings, dignity and shelter
you have left.

After your jobs are downsized and
exported to Mexico,
tennishoes made by slaves in camps in Indonesia,
computer jobs sent across the ocean to Indonesia,
you will be next unless you bow down to the gar boots
and throw your benefits away
your raises away
and this is all you have to look forward to
forever and ever and ever.

As more and more benefits are slashed,
no more tax and spend welfare state
the windfall from tax cuts for the rich
is more and more people
out in the cold on the street!
Begging for money.
And when that doesn't work,
robbing people
car jacking
home invasion
everyone taught
that life is so cheap
there's nothing to look forward to
except what you can score
and smoke and get higher.

Ending welfare as we know it
means third world crime
as we know it.
So why is it all these
young people today misbehave
misbehave, misbehave?

Don't they appreciate the world we've build for them?
Crappy jobs,
dog eat dog.
No compassion in the marketplace.
If you like school
you'll love work.
Instead they ditch work
and hang out on the street:
young culture
young hooligans
on tv anyway
and in the newspaper.
More and more people
will poor in the street
as their rents go up
and job opportunities go down.
So we have to keep them down
before they rise up and burn our
house of cards to the ground.

It's just the cost of doing business
in third world countries where we keep the peasants down.
We have to live in armed compounds with armed guards,
play tennis at gunpoint.

A different route to work behind bullet proof glass each day,
but hey, the more the hoards hate you the more
status you have.
Why not do this with the whole world?
with GAT treaties, downsizing but what about those god damned
hooligans in the street?
We stole their future.
It's all their fault!
We must lock them up,
but there is no room in the jails
so the best way is to sweep them away,
make every home a prison today.
Curfew, Curfew
Who cares how much our leaders are corupt, as long as they are tough
on crime?
Keep them away!
No longer unauthorized activity.

You can't leave the home without an electronic ankle bracelet.
Young offenders must be tagged and watched at all times.
Tag their parents with bracelets too if they don't obey!
For that matter tag them at work and make them stay.

The main enemy
terrorist threat
is your own children.
Think about it:
The music they listen to
that tells them the world is bad.
It's the songs that are the problem
not the violence outside.
Keep them locked up!
Keep them in Curfew!
Put them away!
Don't let them out!
We are tougher on crime
before the election.
We want a national law
establishing children's bedtimes.
Bedtime Patrol
We'll check up on you.
Bedtime Patrol
Make sure that your bracelet is on.
The nanny state,
to reach down your pants and check and see if you've been
moistening yourself with any unauthorized substance without permission.
Tag them!
Curfew them!
Keep them down!
Keep them at home!
To school
to rent a video on the way home
and stay home
just like at work.
Do not gather after dark.
It's such a family oriented word,
a much more acceptable smiling soft word,
a much more palletable concept
than Marshall Law.
Put your bracelets on.
You are safer when you are watched.
Don't go outside.
You will set the alarm off!
and ever and evvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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